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Exposing the apostasy that 71% of pastors have fallen for
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Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! saith the LORD. Therefore thus saith the LORD God of Israel against the pastors that feed my people; Ye have scattered my flock, and driven them away, and have not visited them: behold, I will visit upon you the evil of your doings, saith the LORD (Jeremiah 23:1-2).
The LORD hath not sent thee; but thou makest this people to trust in a lie (Jeremiah 28:15b).

Answering the Apostasy of Modern bibles and More exists to expose the apostasy that 71% of pastors have fallen for.

71% of Christian pastors are apostate: they were either indoctrinated into apostasy through education, fell away from the truth by deception, or turned away from God by a heart hardened through continued sinful disobedience.  Whichever the case, most pastors and Bible teachers believe in some or all of the modern Christian apostasy, namely, 1) false modern bibles, 2) the pre-tribulation rapture hoax, 3) the errant hermeneutics of dispensationalism, and 4) the heresy of Calvinism.  Since it is true that the majority of pastors are apostate, the law of averages dictates then that it is highly likely that the pastor of your church is also apostate. This world-wide ministry exists to educate those who understand English against apostasy, those who will listen to the sermons here at Answering the Apostasy of Modern bibles and More. It is our hope to partner with the Lord to rescue pastors, Bible teachers, and Christians that have been fooled through indoctrination, deception, or a heart hardened through sin from the dire consequence of believing in this other gospel, that 71% of Christians have embraced as truth. We attempt this rescue from apostasy’s path to Hell by encouraging Christians to dust off the genuine Holy Bible and read it, so that they may dispel their own doctrinal prejudice by reading the truth for themselves.  We do this through the power of prayer, the Holy Spirit, Internet links, videos, essays, and audio sermons by pastors from various denominations from around the world whom are already at work using chapters and verses in the Holy Scriptures to expose the apostasy that has been accepted by and blinded the majority of today’s shepherds, pastors whose duty it is to defend the flock of Christianity from the wolves, yet those deceived shepherds unwittingly themselves fleece God’s people.
We expose apostasy using the light of the Word of God, and by our example endeavor to re-establish the Holy Scriptures in the minds of Christians as the sole authority for doctrine and practice. Nothing, not opinion, not tradition, not Bible teachers, not pastors, ought to define a Christian’s beliefs more than the Sole Authority, the Word of God.  If something or someone does have more influence over a Christian’s beliefs than the Holy Bible, then that person or thing becomes the sole authority, which is idolatry.  It is idolatrous for a Christian to esteem something or someone more than God and His Word.  As an example, if a Christian embraces a false modern bible it is the sin of idolatry, because he or she is preferring man’s editing, interpretation, and opinion of God’s Word over the proven and historic Holy Text.  Unfortunately the majority of Christians have been fooled, because they have never taken the time to examine the modern bible issue.  The priority of each and every Christian should be to not be deceived, to be intentionally on guard against deception.  To that end a Christian’s Rule #1 ought to be:  Until you can show me chapters and verses in the Word of God that prove your doctrine or teaching I will not believe it.  However, the problem is that for a Christian to have such a rule he or she must first have the discipline to read the Holy Bible daily (Psalm 1).  The shameful truth is that the majority of Christians who fill up church pews (especially in America) do not have a practice of reading the Holy Scriptures, and because they do not they are defenseless against deception.  Naturally these defenseless Christians cannot but help fall into apostasy.  The reason so many Christians do not read the Holy Bible may be because some Christians mistakenly think that if they do not read God’s Word they will not be responsible to God for what is written within the pages.  Many modern Christians simply (and amazingly) have no interest in God’s Word.  How a person can claim to love God and yet rarely read the one Holy Book that God left on this Earth that allows us to know Him I will never understand.  Incredibly many Christians are content to trust their pastor’s interpretation of the Holy Scriptures, as if the pastor received direct revelation from God to pass on to the congregation.  Many other Christians are delighted to trust their pastor’s interpretation of the Holy Bible because he never preaches against sin, such as cursing, pornography, sex outside of marriage, and drunkenness. Whether a Bible teacher or a pastor stands behind the pulpit, he is just a man, and being a man he is capable of error (any wife can attest to that). Therefore it is vital that Christians have a discipline to read the Holy Bible daily, so that they are not ignorant of the Word of God, and so that they can recognize apostasy.  We exhort Christians to be responsible and good stewards of the new life that Christ Jesus bought for them with His blood on the cross. The first step for the Christian in that responsible walk as he or she follows Christ is to read daily the inerrant, infallible, inspired, perfect, preserved, and promised Word of God. What else will keep you and your family from apostasy other than study of the genuine Word of Almighty God?
As you listen to Answering the Apostasy of Modern bibles and More and as you study with diligence the Holy Scriptures, like the Bereans of Acts 17:10-12, you will be amazed at the apostasy that you have been a part of, and fearfully astonished at the craftiness of Satan as the veil is lifted from your mind and your thinking is set free from the bondage of tradition, misconception, and deception. What you will discover is that those in whom you trusted to protect you, such as your pastor, have actually been victimizing you; although, not intentionally, for we all have been guilty of enthusiastically sharing information with friends and family, only later, upon closer examination, we discovered that the information we spread was incorrect, and, sadly, we realized that we had disseminated fallacy. Unfortunately, the damage we did was done, for those we told had no doubt shared with equal enthusiasm the information with others. The damage was done the same as if we had intended to deceive. If I accidentally shoot and kill you while displaying my gun, are you not just as dead as if I had intended to kill you? Likewise, well-meaning Christians have inadvertently deceived us, and in the same way we have accidentally deceived others. The fault, however, lies with us: for if we elect to trust the source, like the pastor for instance, rather than exercise our responsibility to confirm that the information given to us was factual and correct before we believe it, then we choose to be deceived. It is equally our fault if we deceive others by teaching them what we only assume to be truth based on our trust in the source. Everyone would agree that, if we intend to teach, we have a responsibility to those we teach to be sure that we are not deceiving them, that we are teaching truth. Therefore, we Christians have a responsibility to search the Holy Scriptures to be sure that the source, whether pastor, Bible teacher, or friend, is teaching the truth as found in the genuine source of truth:  the Sole Authority, the Word of God. That will sound foreign to most of you, but the first and most important truth for the new Christian to understand is that the Word of God is the Sole Authority, not the pastor. Unfortunately, many Christians do not know where to find the Word of God, and even less read the genuine Holy Bible.  It is, therefore, no wonder that so many Christians sit defenseless in churches, like sponges, soaking up false doctrine, and then in turn they enthusiastically and ignorantly spread the apostasy they hear to others, like a virus infected sponge on a newborn baby. These same Christians attempt to educate baby Christians, but in doing so they, with good and enthusiastic intentions, become unwitting tools of Satan, teaching misinformation, even false doctrine. In case you do not recall the account recorded in Matthew chapter 4, it was Satan who, face to face with Christ, quoted Scripture to attempt to convince the would-be Savior of the world to commit suicide! If Satan was so bold as to attempt to use Scripture to manipulate Christ, how much more easily do you suppose it would be for him to corrupt any pastor? After all, Satan only needs to corrupt one man in your church, the pastor, and once that has happened, the pastor then becomes an agent of Satan, corrupting the congregation of God from behind the pulpit.
The majority of Christians who listen to Answering the Apostasy of Modern bibles and More will remain in the darkness of apostasy, for we cannot reveal anything that the Lord, through the Holy Spirit, is not leading an individual to see: it is the Lord who will lead you out of the apostasy in response to your obedience to the Holy Bible and as you seek the truth; only then will the apostasy that you have been a part of be revealed. Statistically only 29% of you will escape apostasy, and the rest will remain blinded. Those Christians who do escape apostasy through listening to Answering the Apostasy of Modern bibles and More will not so much see the truth as have the truth confirmed, truth that the Lord was already revealing through daily and obedient study of the Word of God. As stated elsewhere, this website is for the 71% of pastors, Bible teachers, and Christians whom, though deceived by the apostasy of 1) modern bibles, 2) the pre-tribulation rapture, 3) dispensationalism, and 4) Calvinism, the Lord is leading out of apostasy in response to their obedience and desire for the truth. Additionally, our intention is to exhort Christians, those who regard the Holy Bible as no more significant than any other book, of their responsibility to read and study the Holy Scriptures daily, to cherish rather than ignore the Old Book that God Himself left for us, and to understand that the Holy Bible is not men’s words, but that the Holy Bible is God’s Word. Christians need to truly realize and understand that it is both a privilege and a responsibility to read the Book that God wrote. Furthermore, all Christians need to understand that without God’s Word we have no sole authority, and without the Sole Authority, God’s Word, we have no way of knowing when our pastors stray into false doctrine. It is only through daily reading of the Sole Authority that Christians will be able to recognize apostasy.
When we go to church we all desire to relax, drop our guard, and sit at the feet of the man of God, the pastor, expecting to hear 100% truth; however, that is an unrealistic hope, for the only people fortunate enough to have that experience were those who sat at the feet of Jesus. Because Satan only need corrupt one man in your church, the pastor, all the rest of us must test what the pastor teaches against what God’s Word states.  With that said, let us no longer be unarmed and defenseless Christians, but instead be holy and disciplined stewards of Christ.  Suited in the armor of God, with the Shield of Faith in one hand, and the genuine Sword of the Spirit in the other, we invite you to dedicate yourselves anew:  I pledge vigilantly and soberly to earnestly contend for the faith by growing in grace and in the love of Christ because of my resolution to read the Sole Authority daily.
Proclaiming the truth world-wide and 24 hours per day, because the truth cannot be refutedonly denied,
Brian W. Schrader Heb.6:15

Since September 25, 2011  Christians have sought to escape apostasy.
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